Case Study: Quay Street, Bulimba

Project Summary

We were initially contracted to complete touch up work on the massive 1400sqm interior of this Quay Street, Bulimba home. The house also featured a lot of beautiful Spotted Gum timber paneling on the exterior. Unfortunately due to lack of proper ongoing maintenance on the property over the last 8 years a lot of the exterior had become quite weather worn so we were also tasked with bringing the exterior back to life.

Project Assessment by DHP

A handyman had previously completed the interior with unsatisfactory results on the beautiful riverfront property. Many of the high areas had visible poorly done roll marks, and required line a lot of straightening and cleaning up of edges. These were to be done in a lot of the difficult but highly trafficked areas of the home.

The exterior, having not received maintenance since construction and was in an extremely weather worn state. To restore this, the bare Spotted Gum timber would need to be stripped of all the existing stain, washed throughly and then restained. There was also some minor carpentry work to be done.


Client/Project Inspiration

“We spent about five years planning the design of the house, and were fortunate enough to find an architect who shared our passion for what we wanted to build. We wanted to build something very different and were focused on using a lot of stone and natural timber. The goal was to build a home that the whole family could come home to at the end of the day and feel like they were on holiday every day. Everything was in immaculate condition and over the last eight years it had clearly deteriorated, so we wanted to bring her back to her original beauty.

I chose Darryl because he fell in love with the house and we had an instant rapport. He shared passion in getting the house back to how it was when we first built it.” - Kimberley Robinson

Project Details

For the interior touch ups we used Dulux Wash & Wear and for the high gloss surfaces we used Dulux Super Enamel. Once we had finished with the interior touch ups the Carpentry and Exterior Painting teams commenced work on the exterior. Metal louvers covering 50% of surface area were removed prior to extensive removal of old and damaged coatings and timber. The Spotted Gum base was recoated with Sikkens Cetol HLSe, and then top-coated with three coats of Sikkens Cetol Filter 7. Sikkens is a semi transparent coating and because it is very thin the sun can break it down quickly, so the more coats you put on the glossier the finish and the more UV resistant it can be adding to its lifespan. We originally quoted for only two top coats however we weren’t completely satisfied with the finish so added an extra coat to bring it up to the high standard we were aiming for.

In all, the exterior portion of the project, which included every exterior surface, was completed over three months. Ongoing maintenance is extremely important with semi-transparent coatings, especially in areas of high exposure to damaging weather conditions. We will continue to maintain the timber features on this property to keep it looking like new long into the future



“Darryl and his team communicate very well. All of the staff were reliable, friendly and cooperative. The job that they did was amazing, and I think that’s what has really struck me. I would recommend Darryl Hathway Painting & Decorating because of the attention to detail that they’ve shown throughout the project. The project was completed within the timeframe we were told it was going to take and I couldn’t fault the whole team.

I was thrilled with the result. I guess because I was here everyday I saw the project evolve, so it wasn’t such a huge shock for me, but my family and friends who hadn’t been here for a few months were overawed with the result and thought the project was amazing. The house was restored back to how it was eight years ago.”