Water damage repair​ in ​Brisbane​ and Townsville

Water damage to paintwork is common in Queensland, where heavy rains and humid conditions wreak havoc on even the most scrupulously maintained homes.

Trust the experts

With many years’ ​residential ​and commercial experience in ​Brisbane​, the staff at Darryl Hathway ​Painting ​& Decorating are experienced in the detection, repair and painting of water damage​.

Our ​house painters​ are trained in the use of specialised products designed to block any future water damage, as well as products to prevent the growth of mould that would occur if left untreated.

Assessing your water damage job

Please feel free to discuss your water-damaged areas with our trained estimator, as well as the processes, preparation and paint we use to deal with the issue. Please notify us if the underlying cause has been identified and rectified.

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