Professional epoxy painting services

Safety is our number one priority at Darryl Hathway Painting & Decorating. If you’re looking for a safe and slip-resistant solution to your workplace safety concerns, epoxy coatings are the way to go.  

Our epoxy coatings are formulated based on the performance specifications of your required needs. Our process of epoxy coating on your surfaces involves two steps; the application of the epoxy resins, and finishing it with a hardener or co-reactant. Our professional teams ensure that the epoxy is properly catalysed during application, ensuring that the applied surfaces possess the desired thermal and chemical resistance for your industrial needs. 

Not only does it give them a longer usage life, epoxy coatings can be used for decorative purposes, adding shine to wooden terrazzos, decks, and coloured floorings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this durable surface coating gives your offices, factories, and warehouses that added layer of safety, protection, and good looks.

Epoxy coating benefits

  • Water-resistant

    Our top-quality epoxy coatings are highly resistant to corrosion, water, and harsh weather patterns. As epoxies are chemically unreactive, our applied coatings are perfect for liquid or corrosive spillage.

  • Anti-slip

    Epoxy resin coatings are excellent for preventing accidents on sidewalks, garage floors, or driveways by greatly improving slip resistance. Application saves down time by eliminating slippery areas in any work or living environment subjected to abrasive traffic.

  • Fire-resistant

    Epoxy resin coatings are very effective flame retardants due to their excellent thermal properties. Suitable for businesses of any scale, our team ensures the coatings meet demanding fire regulations common to the industrial sector. Application results in lower smoke opacity and toxicity in fires, improving safety for all in the building.

Why choose Darryl Hathway?

  • Professional local epoxy painters
    Professional local epoxy painters

    If you need an expert hand at handling your warehouse, factories, or homes, we are the ones to call. Our team of painters have the know-how of the best in the business and a deep understanding for the local weather.

  • On-the-job consideration
    On-the-job consideration

    With such a large-scale project, we understand the necessity for completing our tasks in a timely manner. We keep your work schedule in mind and adapt our timelines to guarantee the most efficient execution of the project.

  • Work safety
    Work safety

    Vertical challenges are part and parcel of handling projects like warehouse painting. Our team always puts safety first — both yours and ours. We implement the latest safety gear and take all the precautions necessary to keep everyone safe and sound.

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