Case Study: Amy Street, Hawthorne

Project Summary

Located in Hawthorne, this beautiful Queenslander on Amy street had not been painted for around ten years. Some areas of the house and deck were quite weather worn and were in need of some attention. After consulting with us here at Darryl Hathway painting and decorating we provided a detailed plan of action for the home owners to bring this grand old house back to life.

Project Assessment by DHP

After a through examination of the property exterior we identified the main issues that would need to be addressed in this project. Apart from the general fading, aging and peeling that naturally occurs after ten years there were some areas of the weatherboard that were heavily exposed to the sun and needed the existing coatings to be removed. This was especially important on the west side of the house which received the most sun. The first four to five boards of the decking surrounding the house also received a large amount of sun and were quite weatherworn and would require extra attention. Alternately, there were also areas in shade on the east side of the house that had developed some mould issues, mainly around the ceiling of the deck and the top edges of the weatherboard. 


Amy Street, Hawthorne. Before

Client/Project Inspiration

The house itself is very symmetrical with a lot of decoration. The owners while loving the charm and charisma of this styling were aiming to modernise the property with a simpler colour scheme. This would help lighten the property and bring it back to life while not harming any of its traditional elegance and grace.

To meet this goal the colour choices needed to be finely tuned and after a thorough colour consultation we eventually settled on Dulux Natural White in combination with Dulux Domino.

Project Details

Firstly we undertook a thorough cleaning and sanding down of any damaged areas of the weatherboard over the whole exterior of the house, especially on the western face.  To deal with mould issue on the eastern face we used a pressure cleaner to remove the mould and then applied Dulux Precision Stain Blocker Primer over the surface.

Once we were satisfied with the preparation the entire exterior of the house was primed with Dulux Precision Primer followed by two coats of Dulux Weathershield Semi Gloss. The windows were a stained wood and after a good clean and de-gloss were given two coats of Sikkens Filter 7 to bring out the beauty of their natural grain.

The entire deck needed to be buffed but a lot more attention was needed for the boards that were heavily exposed to the sun. While the deck was mostly undercover, unfortunately the four to five boards on the edges had taken a fair amount of sun damage. We used used a Festool Rotex Sander to buff back the damage and bring the wood back to life, and then applied two coats of Intergrain NaturalStain to really bring it back to it’s former glory.

All in all the project took four weeks with a team of three and went very smoothly. It was quite a simple project but it was prepared by the team very well and with two coats of Dulux Weathershield over the whole exterior it will hold up over time and was given a ten year warranty.



“All aspects of this job have been excellent from quote tuning, the team on site and the outcome is rather spectacular. Thank you very much guys, very happy and will most certainly be recommending your company."

Amy Street, Hawthorne. Review

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