Professional water damage repair

With our summer storms and humid conditions, it’s no surprise that water damage wreaks havoc on the paintwork of Queensland homes. When it comes to water damage, you don’t want a band-aid solution, you want a comprehensive repair service from a qualified professional, taking into account the root cause of the problem.

As Queensland locals, the team at Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating are experts in water damage repair. We work to identify the underlying cause of the damage and can utilise specialised products to help prevent further water damage and mould growth. We don’t just make your home look new again, we help you keep it that way.

Our service includes

  • Assessment

    Our team of experienced cost estimators are trained and ready to talk you through the processes, preparations, and paint we use. And of course — they’ll calculate the costs for you.

  • Repaint

    Choose to repaint the affected wall or ceiling in a completely new colour or stick with your favourite colour scheme. Whatever your decision our team will provide you with the best paintwork using the best mould-inhibiting paint in the industry.

Water damage repair estimates

With Darryl Hathway Painting & Decorating, you know you’re getting quality workmanship with our services. When quoting for your project, a trained estimator will be onsite to discuss with you all your project needs, as well as identify tricky spots on your property. This helps us to provide the best possible final result for your property.

If you’d like to know more about our cost, time frame, products, or methods, we’re always happy to hear from you!

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