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Teneriffe is a riverside inner-city Brisbane suburb located between Newfarm and Newstead.

Historically an industrial centre, recent decades have seen Teneriffe transform into a high-density residential area. Old warehouses such as the wool stores have been converted into trendy modern apartment complexes, while the streets show a blend of preserved Queenslander-style homes, newer rendered properties, and boutique apartment complexes.

With the development of the suburb, Teneriffe has accumulated many restaurants, cafes, bars and other amenities. Owing to its proximity to the city and fortitude valley, as well as its own nightlife, Teneriffe has made a name for itself as a cultural hub, attracting many young professionals.

Apartment Living

The most iconic architectural feature of Teneriffe has to be its historic wool stores. Built as early as 1909, many of these large brick buildings have been heritage-listed. Thus, while they have been internally converted to house modern residential apartments, their facades and character are preserved.

Although many apartments with standard floor plans are available in Teneriffe, our favourite Teneriffe apartment is reminiscent of a New York-style loft. These characteristically boast industrial/warehouse styling, brick feature walls, and large voids adjacent to elevated sleeping quarters.

When it comes to colour choice for interior painting, bright whites are a popular and provide fantastic contrast to the exposed brick. You may also want to consider using a contrasting colour for features such as exposed beams. The use of a darker grey, for example, is modern but also fits well into industrial styling and nods to the heritage of the building.

When painting a Teneriffe apartment, a common point of consideration is access. Due to their status as heritage-listed buildings, the bones of the building cannot be modified, and it is not uncommon to encounter unusual floorplans. In many cases, this may mean difficulty accessing tight corners or working in narrow corridors, restricting the occupants use of the space during the painting process. Additionally, many of these apartments have high ceilings or large voids and thus the use of internal scaffolding is essential.

Finally, the confined nature of many apartments in Brisbane means that air quality needs to be considered. Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, are organic compounds that evaporate easily into the air from paints and other liquids. The higher the VOC level of the paint, the worse the odour and the higher the risk of harmful health and environmental effects.

What does this mean for you? When employing a painting company for your apartment interior, you want to be sure that your chosen painting company communicates well with you and/or your tenants to arrange a work schedule that maximises property access with minimal disruption to your daily activities. You also want to be sure that your painter will provide scaffolding if necessary, so that it doesn’t need to be hired externally at additional cost to you. Finally, choosing a quick-drying, Low VOC paint will help you get back into your space so you can start enjoying your apartment’s fresh new look.

Teneriffe Homes

Teneriffe is home to a wide variety of architectural styles, from traditional Queenslanders, through to boutique apartment complexes. Exposed brick has been used successfully as a feature of the fences and facades of many properties in Teneriffe, echoing the character of the neighbouring warehouses. Where render is used, or indeed exterior timber, colour schemes have trended towards whites for a more modern look, with the use of greys to once again tie in with the historical industrial ambience of the area. If you are considering a new look for your Teneriffe home, a discussion with a colour consultant could give you some fresh ideas, alert you to emerging trends, or even just help to refine your chosen palette.

Riverside houses and apartment complexes in Teneriffe can be found along the eastern side of Macquarie St. Regardless of the type of home, when painting a riverfront property, it is important to consider the environmental conditions. The higher winds and salt-water result in quicker deterioration of paint and risk damage to the underlying structure. In this setting, paint choice is crucial. Application of a quality exterior membrane can improve the lifespan of your paint job and your property. Make sure you talk to an experienced painting consultant about the best your options for your property.

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