Painting Wynnum

Suburb Guide

Wynnum is a popular coastal suburb in eastern Brisbane. Located next to Moreton Bay, the natural landscapes, beautiful walkways and friendly community create the perfect atmosphere for both new and aging couples and families. Its close proximity to the motorway allows easy access to the airport, major shopping complexes and Brisbane CBD. The combination of Wynnum’s convenient location and bayside views ensures that the suburb is a popular one, resulting in increased demands for property purchases and rentals.

Residential Homes

Wynnum features a combination of modern and traditional homes, each possessing their own charm and appeal. Queenslanders and timber-style homes are particularly popular in this area, though there is a fair share of rendered brick properties as well. Houses in this area are often painted in a more neutral colour palette, featuring whites, greys and cool blues that look stunning on the waterside. A colour consultation with our team here at Darryl Hathway will help choose a colour scheme that adheres to your taste as well as suiting the natural surroundings.

Maintenance and Repairs

It is vital to consider the common environmental conditions of your suburb before painting your home. As Wynnum is located near water, paintwork is often exposed to harsh weather. Higher salt-water levels, higher winds and destructive storms all increase the pace of timber erosion and paint deterioration. Our team will ensure that a high-quality paint is chosen to assist in the long-lasting protection of your home, as well as providing your home with a fresh look. Furthermore, Darryl Hathway will provide an thorough evaluation of your home prior to the commencement of work in order to provide the best service possible. For any timber or structural damage, carpentry services are readily available. Any issues with weatherboards, windowsills or doorframes will also be addressed in a timely manner to ensure both the safety of your home and the provision of high-quality work. A maintenance program will also be provided for clients, which will assist with the handling of repairs and repainting for years to come.

Why choose Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating?

Darryl Hathway is Brisbane’s highest rated painter and has extensive experience in paining waterfront homes. Our commitment to providing quality service in a timely and individualised manner is something that you could only get from a local, family-owned business. These are just a few of the many reasons clients choose Darryl Hathway:

  • Experienced and friendly team that want the best for each customer
  • Expertise in waterfront homes
  • Accurate and timely quoting
  • Thorough damage assessment and the provision of restoration services
  • Our wide range of tools, such as the Zeus spider boom, an all-terrain scissor lift and scaffolding services, all available for use, free of charge
  • Customer-oriented colour-consultation and maintenance services
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