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Suburb Guide

The iconic Brisbane suburb of St Lucia is known well for housing the main campus of the University of Queensland. The beautiful sandstone buildings of the University are surrounded by sprawling gardens and a wide array of sports complexes, which are enjoyed by students as well as residents of the surrounding community.

This suburb is an ideal location for students and faculty, but is also appealing for other members of the community who can make use of the many University facilities, whilst enjoying proximity to the city as well as shopping complexes such as Toowong Village and Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.


Body Corporate Painting

Given the short distance to the CBD and the presence of the University campus, the rental market in St Lucia is sizeable and the development of new apartment buildings and units has gradually added to the supply of the older complexes that have been a longstanding fixture of the suburb. The number of properties, as well as the nature of the suburb and its residents, means that the market has increased turnover and competition for quality tenants is high.

In this situation, a well-maintained façade is vital in attracting the interest that will result in maximised rental return and decreased vacancy rates. When it comes to painting body corporate properties there are specific issues that need to be considered.



Another common issue in body corporate painting is access. Scaffolding which is usually sufficient to gain access to smaller buildings becomes more inefficient the taller the structure becomes. By utilising specialist access equipment a considerable amount of time can be saved, particularly for properties above three or four stories high.

Unfortunately, the hire and use of access equipment is an issue that consumers can get caught out on. Many companies need to hire access equipment from third parties, and then pass this cost on to an unsuspecting client. To avoid hidden fees, ensure that the cost of access equipment is included in any quote you receive. At Darryl Hathway painting and Decorating, we go one step further and even supply our own range of specialist access equipment free of charge.

Colour choice

When painting your body corporate building, personal taste and preference is not as important as it would be in a single dwelling property. The goal is to attract the maximum number of prospective tenants and residents, and thus you should choose a palette that appeals to a wider audience. In this sense, white and greys are currently popular and give a more modern look. It is important, however, to consider the architectural style of the building and the colour schemes of the surrounding properties. An older building, for example, may suit a cream or yellow colour scheme, and may end up attracting more people by playing on the charm of the building. A discussion with an experienced colour consultant can help you choose a colour scheme that will best compliment your property.


Single Dwellings

The suburb of St Lucia is well established. Traditional Queenslanders and Federation style homes date back to when the University was first built and account for many of the older homes in the area, adding to the ambience of the suburb.


Timber Exteriors

Timber weatherboard exteriors are a telltale feature of Queenslander homes, but have also been utilised in many modern designs in the area.

When painting timber, it is important to ensure the timber is in good condition prior to painting. To achieve this, the painter should first conduct a property inspection and any damaged timber elements should be replaced. Following this, the surface should be appropriately prepared for coating. The degree of surface preparation required may vary from a simple wash all the way through to extensive wet sanding, depending on the condition of the existing surface. Your painter should also consider the need for products such as grain fill and gap sealant.

Finally, your chosen paint coatings should be applied. A professional painting company should be able to talk you through recommended products based on the needs of your home, taking into consideration the environmental risks and any damage incurred by previous paint coatings. An exterior paint coating should not only look good, it should also act as a protective barrier and shield the underlying structure from damage.

Brick Homes

Whilst the heart of St Lucia is the grand sandstone buildings of the University, the residential streets of the suburb echo a similar era in the remaining federation style homes. There is no denying the charm of this architectural design, with the exposed brick and frequent red tiled roofs, popping against the background of the established greenery you see in many of Brisbane’s older suburbs.

When painting exterior timber or render elements of a brick home, we would recommend choosing a colour that enhances the earthy reds of the exposed brick. Whites and off-whites are a common and safe choice and can be beautifully paired with deeper colours, for example an olive green used to accent the trims and battening. There is plenty of freedom for individual flair whilst still embracing the traditional heritage character of these properties.


Why Choose Darryl Hathway Painting & Decorating?

Our award-winning painters take as much pride in your home as you do. With teams dedicated to body corporate and residential work, we have the skills and the experience to help you get the most out of your property.

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    • Comprehensive quoting process including property inspection
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    • Free Colour Consultation
    • Choice of an industry leading 10-year workmanship warranty


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