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South Brisbane

South Brisbane is a lively suburb tucked alongside the Brisbane river. With fantastic waterfront views, an abundance of amenities, events and shows, and easy access to the wider city, South Brisbane is a great place for young people and working professionals to live.

As South Brisbane is right near the heart of the CBD, a lot of the housing options tend to be apartment complexes and units. Due to the height and size of these types of buildings, they require an experienced team with access to specialist equipment. Darryl Hathway has a range of on-hand equipment for corporate complexes such as those in South Brisbane, including a Zeus spider-boom, scaffolding, and an all-terrain scissor lift. Easy access to this equipment ensures that the job is completed in a timely and cost effective manner, and saves our clients from having to go to the trouble of hiring from outside.

Examining for any issues with the structural integrity of the building is another key factor in ensuring that the work is completed to a high standard. Our team provides property inspections prior to the commencement of work. This helps us provide accurate quoting and ensures that the quality of the work is not compromised later in the process. This maintenance check is particularly important for riverside properties, as they are often affected by weathering from the wind and water. A more heavy-duty paint may be suitable for these areas. Ongoing maintenance plans are offered to all our clients to keep your property looking fresh for years to come.

Colour consultation services are also provided. Clients can chat either in person or online to one of our experienced advisors, who will alert you of any upcoming trends in the area. As South Brisbane has a competitive property market, choosing the right colour for your complex can help set you apart from your competitors.

Why choose Darryl Hathway?

  • Our high level workmanship and best in the industry 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Free colour consultation services for every client
  • Access to specialist equipment, available free of charge
  • Thorough property inspections and ongoing maintenance plans
  • Transparent results with an extensive online portfolio and customer heatmap
  • Conscientious team dedicated to providing high quality work
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