Painting Pullenvale

Suburb Guide

The tranquil suburb of Pullenvale is located west of the Brisbane CBD and north of the river, just past Brookfield and Kenmore Hills. It is the perfect place to call home if you are happy to trade a longer commute for a rural lifestyle, with many blocks boasting acreage.

Whilst shopping in the suburb itself is limited, Pullenvale has a close proximity to the supermarkets in Kenmore and the larger complexes in Indooroopilly and Mount Ommaney. The area also has a high standard of public and private schools, making it appealing for young families as well as professionals and retirees. Whilst there hasn’t been a giant boom in development in the area, Pullenvale has experienced slow and steady growth. The result is that the architecture in the area is varied, ranging from older Queenslanders through to more modern structures built in recent years.

When painting a home in Pullenvale, there are a number of common issues you should consider.


Properties in Pullenvale take advantage of the sizeable plots of land and tend to be larger than in many other areas of Brisbane. In addition, some are built on sloping terrain to take in many of the beautiful hillside views. The result is that access is any issue that needs to be considered when vetting companies to paint your property.

Many painting companies will need to hire access equipment from a third party, passing the cost on to the client. Alternatively, it is often more cost efficient to choose a company who can supply their own access equipment. At Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating, in addition to having our own scaffolding, we also have an all-terrain scissor lift and zeus spider boom. In many cases this equipment can save hours when compared to the time needed to set up and dismantle scaffolding.


Amongst its varied architecture, Pullenvale has its fair share of traditional and replica Queenslander homes. This style of home came into fashion in Queensland to match our unique climate. The running hallways, breezeways above doors, and plentiful windows, harnessed the wind to naturally cool the home during the hot summer. Another distinct feature of the traditional Queenslander is the large wrap-around balcony. These are of particular benefit in an area like Pullenvale, where you want to make the most of the wildlife and natural beauty.

We have recently written an article on Queenslander restoration and painting, as this architectural style does present unique challenges. The decorative features such as the awnings, breezeways and fretwork require extra attention to detail, as does the weatherboard exterior. Because of the potential complexity of these jobs, it is always preferable to choose a painter with experience in Queenslander work. At Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating, we love the challenges that these homes present and the transformations that can be achieved. In order to provide end-to-end service in Queenslander painting and restoration, we also offer lead paint removal and timber staining. All properties are thoroughly inspected prior to quoting so that we can provide you with the most accurate pricing for your project, inclusive of any necessary restoration work.

Rendered Homes

With the varied age of Pullenvale homes, comes diverse architectural design. Brick homes in this area are quite common, as is render. When painting concrete, brick or render, it is important to assess the existing paintwork for evidence of underlying damage. Water ingress or building shift can leave tell-tale signs in existing masonry or paintwork, and it is prudent to fix these issues to avoid costly damage.

Why Choose Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating

As a local family-owned company, Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating offer friendly and personalised service. Our commitment to delivering excellent results for our clients has given us a reputation for high quality workmanship and has allowed us to grow our business to where it is today. As we have grown, we have expanded our services and are proud to be able to offer the following to our clients.

• Colour consultation.
• Timber and deck staining.
• Restoration services, including Queenslander restoration and painting, lead paint removal, and water damage restoration.
• Choice of an industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty.
• Thorough property inspection prior to commencement of work to provide the most accurate possible quotation and scope of works.
• Individualised product recommendations based on the needs of your property.
• Conscientious teams with a commitment to quality communication.
• Use of our in-house specialist access equipment wherever needed; including scaffolding, scissor lift and our Zeus spider boom.

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