Painting Manly

Suburb Guide

Manly is beautiful suburb located on the east coast of Brisbane. The natural landscapes, island views and abundance of parklands combined with the trendy cafés and easily accessible facilities provides the suburb with a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere that is perfect for families of all ages. Manly Harbour is one of the largest in in Queensland, and the esplanade and coastal walks offer a charming waterside lifestyle for its residents. For further convenience, Manly is situated less than thirty minutes away from Brisbane city.

Due to the desirable aspects of Manly, homes in this area are highly sought after, and both purchases and rentals in this area are doing increasingly well on the property market.

Residential Homes

There is a wide variety of housing designs in Manly, ensuring that there is an option for everyone . Properties range from modern, rendered architecture to charming Queenslanders. Many of the houses in the area, both rendered and timber, feature white or grey colour schemes, providing the suburb with a fresh appearance that bodes well with Manly’s natural surroundings. A colour consultation with our team can help ensure that the most effective palette is chosen for your home.

Maintenance and Repairs

If your home is by a waterfront, as many properties in Manly are, it is vital to consider the effects of environmental conditions on your home. Manly’s coastal location increases chances of quickened weathering. Higher winds and salt-water cause properties to deteriorate at a faster pace than inner-city homes. As a result, paint choice for these properties is crucial. It is important to note the painting and maintenance requirements differ depending on the housing type. Our team will evaluate the house for any timber or structural damage prior to the commencement of work to ensure that the correct materials are used. For older homes, there are carpentry services readily available if repairs are needed. Timber homes may require extensive sanding, gapping between weatherboards or windowsill or door replacement before painting begins. After any structural repairs, the application of a high-quality paint can further assist in the long-lasting protection of your home, as well as providing a new, sleek appearance. A consultation with our team will help you choose the best coating option for your home. Darryl Hathway also offers a personalised maintenance program to assist with handling repairs, repainting and recoating as the property ages in the years to come.

Why choose Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating

Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating has the unique ability to tackle a wide variety of residential or body corporate painting jobs, completed with a focus that you could only get from a local, family-owned business. Our commitment to providing a personalised, customer-oriented service ensures that clients receive excellent results. These are just a few of the many reasons customers choose Darryl Hathway:

  • Experienced and motivated team committed to providing the best results possible
  • Expertise in painting riverside homes
  • The readily available tools, such as the Zeus spider boom, an all-terrain scissor lift and scaffolding, used free of charge
  • Colour consultation services included
  • Provision of timely and thorough damage assessment and restoration services
  • Maintenance programs tailored specifically to individual needs
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