Painting Hendra

Suburb Guide

Hendra is a quiet and homely suburb located just six kilometres from Brisbane CBD. The natural surroundings, tree-lined streets and peaceful atmosphere offer a refuge from the bustling city nearby. It’s convenient location and easy access to public transport makes Hendra the perfect spot for professionals and students, whilst the readily available childhood centres, schools and playgrounds make it optimal for families with young children. Hendra has a place for everyone, ensuring that it does exceptionally well on the property market.

As one of Brisbane’s older suburbs, Hendra has a large amount of Queenslanders and timber-style homes, though modern renovations and new builds have given the suburb more diversity in recent years. The type of home, combined with other variables such as age and weathering, impacts the process of painting. In consultation with you, the team at Darryl Hathway will ensure that the best paintwork options are provided for your home.

Queenslanders – Restoration and Painting

Due to the age and construction of Queenslanders, they generally require higher maintenance than their modern counterparts. Certain features of Queenslander homes, such as fretwork, timber windows, awnings and decorative gables, are timely and complicated to paint. Here at Darryl Hathway we have had extensive experience with tackling such paintwork, and will ensure that the job is done at a high standard.

The age of Queenslanders also means that they are often in need of repairs, whether that be from timber and termite damage, mold or rot. Unlike many other painting companies in Brisbane, Darryl Hathway offers full restoration services for your home. Inspection for any damage will take place prior to commencement of work to ensure timely and accurate quoting, a smooth process and the overall safety of your home. A protective and long-lasting paint, tailored to your preferences, will then be applied to restore life to the property. Darryl Hathway also offers an ongoing maintenance plan to guarantee the continued protection of your home, as well as an offered 10-year workmanship warranty.

Rendered Houses

The recent inclusion of new, rendered homes amongst the Queenslanders has helped provide Hendra with an updated, modern look. These houses often painted in neutral, soft colours that look excellent next to the whites, greys and blues of the older homes. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is an easy and effective way of ensuring the ongoing appeal of your property and the suburb as a whole. An experienced advisor on our team will happily help you choose a colour palette that adheres to your taste.

Tools and Equipment

Larger properties often require specialist equipment to complete the job at a satisfactory standard. Tools such as the Zeus spider boom, scaffolding and an all-terrain scissor lift allow for easy access and implementation, and are all readily available with our services, free of additional charge.

Why choose Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating?

Our extensive experiences and access to equipment ensures that all jobs we undertake are completed with high quality workmanship, while our commitment to providing customer-oriented services guarantees client satisfaction. These are just a few reasons why people choose Darryl Hathway:

  • High levels of experience in a vast array of different housing types
  • A team who is committed to giving you the best results possible, in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost
  • Easy access to a variety of different resources and tools
  • Colour consultation and maintenance services provided
  • House evaluation and restoration services provided early on in the process to ensure maximum efficiency
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