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Nestled between Ascot and the Brisbane River, you’ll find Hamilton, one of Brisbane’s oldest suburbs. This suburb is divided in two, geographically and historically, by Kingsford Smith Drive.


The original residential area is located north of Kingsford Smith Drive. Containing a number of heritage-listed sites, the age of the suburb is reflected by its eclectic mix of architecture. Many traditional Queenslanders are still present, interspersed with exposed and rendered brick homes, townhouses, and small apartment complexes. Much of the Norwest of the suburb is elevated, and many impressive properties in this area boast splendid views of the river, the city, and the northern suburbs.

So what factors come into play when painting your Hamilton home?

– Colour choice

When choosing a colour palette, the style of the suburb needs to be considered. Because of Hamilton’s variety of architecture, colour schemes vary widely in this location, giving you more freedom to break from the norm. Consider the style of your property as well as the colour choices of neighbouring homes. If you need a little help, a consultation with one of our experienced colour consultants can help you find the perfect palette.

The many varied types of architecture in hamilton

Hamilton is home to many different styles of architecture

– Access

Many properties on the hills of Hamilton have been built as multi-storied structures, to take advantage of the views. If your home falls into this category, then an important consideration for you will be access. Many painters are ill-equipped to handle buildings over 2 stories high and will need to hire external access equipment in order to get the job done. By choosing a painting company that has its own in-house specialist access equipment, you can save time and money and can rest assured that your tradespeople are working safely while painting your home.

– Older homes

As a foundation suburb, Hamilton has its fair share of older homes. Regardless of whether your property is timber or has exterior render, the years may have taken their toll. Render is prone to cracking, which may lead to further structural damage if left unchecked. Similarly, the flaking and peeling of paint from timberwork can leave the timber exposed and at risk of rot.
A professional painting company should always perform a thorough property inspection to identify these issues, and then provide a comprehensive quote inclusive of any repair or restoration work that needs to be completed.

A related issue is that of lead paint. Prior to 20 years ago, many paints contained lead concentrations that are no longer considered safe according to the Australian standard. If you are unsure whether your property has lead paint, a professional painter should be able to take samples to give you a definitive answer and then provide you with options for safe containment or removal as part of the quoting process.


Facade of Eat Street Northshore in Hamilton, Brisbane

Eat Street Northshore in Hamilton is a popular weekend destination

South of Kingsford Smith Drive is home to Portside Warf, Brisbane’s International cruise terminal. Whilst historically an industrial area, newer developments in Portside Warf and Northshore Hamilton have incorporated a large volume of residential and retail areas including the popular Eat Street Northshore. There are now public access riverside spaces and the recent Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade has incorporated a new cantilevered river walk.

The new riverside development in Hamilton, Brisbane

New developments in the south of Hamilton contain residential areas as well as retail and dining facilities

When it comes to painting on this side of the drive, the size of the buildings is an important factor and may be problematic for smaller painting companies or those without specialist access equipment. It is important to choose someone with experience in commercial and body corporate work or you may risk an underperforming firm cutting corners or unable to meet a deadline.
A painting company with body corporate and commercial experience will also be able to better assess your property to advise on potential issues and the products that will best suit your needs. Areas of high exposure, for example, will be at greater risk of breakdown of the paintwork and will last better with certain exterior membrane products. This is especially true of properties with river frontage, where the salt-water content and harsher wind conditions can wreak havoc on an inferior quality exterior membrane.


Why choose Darryl Hathway Painting & Decorating?

Whatever your Hamilton painting needs, Darryl Hathway Painting and Decorating is here to help. Our team of experienced staff offers end to end service. We thoroughly assess the site for damage prior to commencement of work to give you the most accurate quoting and work time frames possible. We also offer inspection for the presence of lead paint and provide lead paint removal services.

If your property has high areas or you are arranging painting of a body corporate or commercial premises, you can save time and money by using our in-house specialist access equipment. We provide our own scaffolding, scissor lift and Zeus spider boom to our clients free of charge wherever possible. Additionally, painting of body corporate or commercial buildings is a smooth process with our experienced teams of painters and a dedicated body corporate project manager.

Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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