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Ashgrove is a quiet suburb located on the outskirts of Brisbane CBD. It is popular amongst young families due to its greenery and parklands, quality schools and large blocks of property land. Housing renovations are booming in this area, as people update their living spaces for the market or simply their own enjoyment. As is the case with many outer-city suburbs, Ashgrove features many older, timber style homes. A new paint job is an easy way to help bring an aging property back to life. It is important to consider the style and intricacies of your home when looking for an appropriate company for your renovations.

Property Types

Different property types require different renovation techniques. Rendered properties tend to be more modern in their design and more structurally sound than their timber counterparts, which can be prone to weathering and interior damage. For this reason, we suggest a more heavy duty paint may be appropriate for timber homes to prevent further structural damage and to keep your home looking fresh. Furthermore, older timber homes can be more intricate in their exterior design. This is particularly true for Queenslanders, which often have ornate decorations in their awnings, door and window frames. These require knowledge and skill to effectively paint. The team at Darryl Hathway has extensive experience in painting Queenslanders, and understand the intricacies of this style of home.

Colour consultation services are available for all clients. Feel free to contact one of our experienced advisors for assistance, free of charge. They can alert clients to upcoming trends in their area, ensuring that your home adheres to both your tastes and blends seamlessly with the wider community.

Property Maintenance

Before renovations can begin, it is critical to do a maintenance check on the property. This will ensure that the quality of the painting is not compromised. Darryl Hathway inspects all homes prior to the commencement of work so clients can be alerted to any structural damage that may need addressing. This helps prevent unforeseen costs later in the process, saving the client both time and money. Ongoing maintenance plans are also offered through Darryl Hathway, tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Darryl Hathway?

  • A friendly and communicative team experienced in painting a variety of different housing types
  • Colour consultation and maintenance services provided for all clients
  • Company access to equipment such as scaffolding, an all-terrain scissor lift and a Zeus spider-boom
  • In depth property inspections prior to the commencement of work
  • Best-in-the-industry 10 Year Workmanship Warranty
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