Timber staining and finishing

The most important element of any Queensland home is a fabulous deck for entertaining friends and family.

Our experienced team of ​Brisbane painters ​includes timber-finishing experts who can use their painting prowess to expertly stain your ​deck​, doors and window frames.

We can help you choose your colour and the type of timber stain you require, and conduct patch testing for you. ​Timber​ stains for ​exterior ​decking and frames are generally different from indoor ​painting​ and staining. Outdoor stains are usually oil based for increased durability.

Our process includes:

1) Preparing the timber​, which is the most important step. We carefully sand the surface smooth and remove any stains with a wood-cleaning solution.

2) Removing all dust and loose debris​ Also vital because you don’t want any dust trapped in the varnish.

3) Applying the stain ​either with a brush or rag, paying special attention to corners.

4) Sealing with a clear coat of varnish or polyurethane for a perfect finish!

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