Alderson Wet Sanders

Alderson Wet Sanders

Surface preparation has never been this quick

A normal dry orbital sanding system can take 8 hours or more to sand half a house using 150 – 200 dry sanding discs. The Alderson can take just an hour to do the same job with just 1 disc.

Cost effective and longer lasting discs

With Alderson discs, it takes 6 seconds per lineal meter for acrylic sanding at a cost of $0.05 to $0.10 per lineal meter, and a minute for paint stripping per lineal meter at a cost of $0.65 to $1.20 per lineal meter.

SUMMARY Alderson Sander Dry Sanding Tungsten + Dry Sanding
Acrylic Disc Cost 6 to 10 cents per lm 36 cents to $1.80 per lm Not Applicable
Acrylic Sanding Time 6 seconds per lm 36 seconds per lm Not Applicable
Paint Stripping Disc Cost 65 cents to $1.20 per lm Not Applicable
Paint Stripping Time 1 minute per lm Not Applicable 6 minutes per lm (based on two coats of stripper, wash-down & dry sand)

  • Generally speaking the Alderson sander is at least 6 to 8 times more productive than any over system. The use of the water and the speed of the machine means that the sanding discs last a very long time.
  • For example an acrylic single sided disc (SSC150 – 60#) will sand between 20 and 30 square meters which means the abrasive cost for that disc is between 65 cents and 95 cents per square meter (6 and 10 cents per lineal meter). However the real saving is in time. It takes just 6 seconds to sand a lineal meter compared with an average of 36 seconds for a dry sander.
  • With the 16# stripping disc (TSC150 -16#) it will strip between 10 and 20 square meters of paint up to 12 or so layers thick. It needs to be followed up with a finishing disc, such as the 60# finishing disc (TSC150 -60#) to remove the score marks. Using the cost of these two discs the cost is between $6.00 and $12.00 per square meter or $0.60 and $1.20 per lineal meter. To achieve these costs you will need to apply one coat of Sea to Sky stripper SPC 203 (blue in colour) as this softens all the layers of paint and accordingly extends the life of the stripping discs by a factor of three or four times. That is, without the stripper, the coverage may only be 2 -3 square meters. Note that all surfaces are different and these cost figures are indicative only but fairly represent achievable results providing the machine is used correctly. Again the real saving is in time. The 16# shredder will remove the paint at a rate of 1 square meter every 6 to 10 minutes. No other method comes close to this.
Alderson 4 stroke machine
4 Stroke Back Pack Wet Sanding Machine

All you need is water

The water eliminates heat build up associated with dry sanding. With a water flow system designed within the machine, this will prevent the disc from clogging, no need to water blast and the slurry from lead based paints can be easily collected with an Alderson Enviromat or the new Alderson Waste Recovery System.

Don't waste fine days sanding, use fine days to paint!

The Alderson® sanding machine has been designed to be used in conjunction with water. It is the water that significantly reduces the frictional heat build-up that damages the paint substrate which is often invisible after sanding – especially when sanding water based painted surfaces. The damage results in blisters forming under the substrate paint and these blisters often don’t become obvious until the surface has been repainted. The use of water virtually eliminates clogging. Clogged paper also contributes to heat build-up.

So this machine extends the life of its abrasive paper and significantly reduces the time it takes to prepare a surface for painting. The machine can also be used in wet conditions and it also eliminates the need for pre-sanding preparation such as water blasting and wiping the surface dry before dry sanding.


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