Meet The Team

We are strong believers that great customer service is built on relationships that you can trust. In delivering on our promise of superior workmanship and customer experience we take the time to get to know you, your requirements, and your property. But one-way relationships rarely produce great results, so we’d like you to get to know us as well!

Management Team

  • Darryl Hathway
    Darryl Hathway Director

    Darryl lives and breathes painting and combines his passion for the craft and boundless energy into making Darryl Hathway Painting and Decoration what it is today. Despite a busy work week, Darryl makes it a point to hit the gym and even enjoys the occasional glass of wine.

  • Phil Hathway
    Phil Hathway Operations Manager

    Phil loves his work and his family, and in a testament to his efficiency he has managed to combine the two! When he is not working, Phil enjoys soccer and relaxing with some good food.

  • Luke Hathway
    Luke Hathway Project Manager

    Luke balances the incorrigible energy of his brother with his calm demeanour. He likes to unwind with meditation and a good book.

  • Sharon Hathway
    Sharon Hathway Accounts Manager

    Sharon is the newest member of the family and better half of Darryl. A breath of fresh air, she loves to travel and is doing her best to share her passion for healthy living with the rest of the family.

Office Team

  • Skye-Maree Quick
    Skye-Maree Quick Office Administration

    A master of balancing, Skye juggles her role in the business with being a full-time mom to her German Shepherd Koby. When away from both jobs, Skye enjoys reading, camping, and going to the beach.

  • Rosie Creed
    Rosie Creed Office Administration

    Not just a sharpshooter in the business, Rosie enjoys Pistol Shooting in her spare time. This hobby is likely linked to her fondness for true crime novels.

  • Joseph Hauser
    Joseph Hauser IT

    This quintessential IT guy comes complete with computer expertise and a gift for growing a beard. When not staring at a computer screen for work, you can find him staring at a computer screen for fun.

  • Lee Tait
    Lee Tait Body Corporate Manager

    In his spare time, Lee entertains his hobby for mechanical engineering and enjoys working with machinery. Despite multiple requests, he has yet to produce an automatic painting robot.

Brisbane Team

  • Quinto Colombani
    Quinto Colombani
  • Andrew Decourcey
    Andrew Decourcey
  • Liam Hobson
    Liam Hobson
  • Rhys Davis
    Rhys Davis
  • Jason Shade
    Jason Shade
  • Geoff Permain
    Geoff Permain
  • Dean Kyle
    Dean Kyle
  • Davood Goodarzi
    Davood Goodarzi
  • Dan

Townsville Team

  • Alan Simonds
    Alan Simonds
  • ​Tylor Develish
    ​Tylor Develish
  • Micheal Dunn
    Micheal Dunn
  • Adrian Oleary
    Adrian Oleary
  • Gareth Byrne
    Gareth Byrne

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